The Experiment Factory

Standardized templates for experimental paradigms



The Experiment Factory is an online platform for reproducible, web-based experiments. The original project was started by a group of graduate students in the Poldracklab at Stanford University, published, and is currently still deployed to serve over 80 behavioral assessments to Amazon Mechanical Turk for several studies at Stanford University, which are available for viewing along with documentation for deploying the Version 1.0 locally or on a server for your lab.


The primary developer has joined teams with a sibling open source software, OpenEXP, to develop the next version of Experiment Factory that will truly be available to all researchers. Version 2.0 is well under way, and experiments, surveys, and the base software can be viewed and contributed to.

Please post ideas an issues on the Version 2.0 Repository. We welcome and appreciate all contributions!


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